"A glimpse of our Embedded System Final Project".

Work by Afriyie, Otema, Paul & Joachim

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The scope of this project touches on structured tasks and schedulers. In this project, the use of interrupts, timers, analog (input/output), assembly language programming and communication is employed. Thus, a responsive system was built in the model of an automatic robotic car.


KL25Z Freedom Board


LCD Display

AA batteries

jumper wires




A robotic vehicle chassis is used to build and control the automatic robot car to do the following tasks: Move forward and reverse 
Turn left or right
Change speed 
Progressively increase speed from S1 to S2, as well as abruptly change speed. Flash LEDs in a pattern. Each lamp lights for 200ms and the whole cycle repeats.
When going forwards it lights a RED LED on the tail end, but lights a white one(on the tail end) if reversing. When going reverse, it beeps at 500ms intervals 
The car can also get into a fixed routine when the vehicle does a preset action (eg drive by itself along a fixed non-linear path)
Provide interaction and feedback for humans using a Liquid Crystal Display
Turn on a set of lights automatically when it is dark

Application Development

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Blog Image

watch a short video of our project here:

Here are other videos showing work progress: