Embedded Systems final project, 2019


Automation of a Robotic Vehicle


The main objetive of this project is to be able to create properly structured tasks and a scheduler, use of interrupts, timers, analog (input/output), assembly language programming, and communication.


  • Using components of a chasis, a robotic vehicle was built by assembling the components together. Using a freedom development board by NXP, the vehicle was programmed to able to move forward, reverse, turn left and right.

  • Two different speeds were set and the vehicle was programmed to alternate between those speeds and was able to also progressively increase the speed from the the lowest to the highest speed.

  • In order to imitate an emergency service vehicle, the vehicle was programmed to flash LEDs in the pattern RRBBRB. Each blink was made to last for 200ms nad the cycle is repeated. Also, to indicate forward movement, the vehicle was made to light the RED LED and when reversing, it was made to light the white LED.

  • Other functionalities programmed was that the car beeps at an interval of 500ms. The car was also made to be controllable even when wireless. Most importantly, an interface for interaction with the LCD was provided to provide feedback for humans.