An Automated Robotic Vehicle .

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Project Description

The project employs the use of structured tasks and a scheduler, interrupts, timers, analog, assembly language programming and communication to implement an automated robotic vehicle. The vehicle is programmed to move forward and reverse, turn left or right, change and increase speed, flash LEDs in a pattern and in moving forward, it should light a RED LED on the tail end but a white when reversing. Also, it beeps at 500ms intervals when going reverse, is controllable, can get into a fixed routine when the vehicle does a preset action and provides interaction and feedback for humans. An additional function of the car is to automatically turn on the lights when it is dark. The automatic car is to deploy these functions while maintaining concurrency and responsiveness of the embedded system developed.. This project is fully carried out by students of Ashesi University

Top view of Robot

Top view of the robot showing initial connections with the Arm cortex m0+ .

Block diagram

A simple block diagram shows all the different componets of the system. It comprises of a power supply, an MCU (arm cortex m0+), an LCD, bluetooth module and a dc motor.

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